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Expanding our business into the wide market and industry, more than 500+ Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Business Financers, and lot more have made connections with us and received guarenteed profits.

Being with the industry over a year, the strategic excellence has not only inculcated incredibly but also developed networks faster than the speed of the light. We at Tathaastu have covered the entire spectrum when it comes to the film production,events,public relation,digital marketing, social media promotions, Marketing & sales, Financial projection, Services and much more.

Our team has been expertise with Executive summary Company description, Small business market analysis, Organization and management, Service or product, Marketing and sales, Funding request, Financial projections, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Movie Promotions, and much more treasures.
We understand the client and the consumer needs and that of our knowledge together to innovate, create and execute the best of the best of what we can offer.


Rules to Participate

• The event consist of 3 categories 1. Dance 2. Singing 3. Acting.
• All the entries will be judged on different age based sub categories for all three above mentioned event.
• Age categories are as follows 1. 3-15 2. 16-44 3. 45 and above .
• Cash prize worth Rs. 250000 will be distributed in all of the category and sub category making it to Rs. 25000 per individual winner per sub category.
• All participants are asked to upload only solo performance videos. Couple or Group entries will not be considered.
• Duration of the performance should not exceed 2 minutes
• Every performance will be judged by our celebrity judge individually and their decision will be considered final under any circumstances.
• Digital Certificate for participation and coupons will be given to every participants subject to sponsorship and 1000+ gift hampers will be delivered as   per the norms of the government decided at the time of deliverables
• Strictly NO NUDITY and PROFANITY , NO VOILENCE, SEXUAL CONTENT OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE will be promoted and if seen in any video the entry will   be disqualified without any intimation
• Organisers have all the rights reserved on the content uploaded and shown. Payment made through any individual or portal other than FAMEBUZ.COM    will not be considered and could be a fraud for which #famebuz , Tathaastu and Orange Box Cinemas doesn’t stand responsible
... • Generic rules and regulations of event apply as default
• Any form of dance is happily welcomed and song must be a Bollywood number with fusion and sound edits are allowed
• Singers have to record the video with their original sound ie lip sync will result in disqualification of the entry. Singers are allowed to use any musical   instrument along while singing and recording the video
• Participants participating in acting competition can enact a movie dialogue, make their own monologues (preferred language hind if not the then video uploaded should be with Hindi or English subtitles).

Meet Our Jury

Our expert jury will carefully review the entires from the finalists and decide the winner.


Ameesha Patel



Lamira Faro



Monty Sharma


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